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System Analyst Resume

Clark Becker
P. O. Box 222324, Dallas, TX 75222
Cellular: 123-123-1234


Systems analyst with mature judgment and solid background in software/hardware interfaces, low-level operating system functions, compiler/linker effects. Special interest in firmware/embedded systems in C and assembler.


Operating Systems:
Novell 1.01 - 5.0 (Novell CNE), MS-DOS 2.1 - 7.x, VM/386, Windows 3.1 - 2000 & NT, HP-UX Unix, AIX Unix, Linux, Xenix, MPM/86, as well as microprocessor systems without an operating system

Industry Specific Knowledge:

Manufacturing / Maintenance, General Construction, Pipeline Construction, Excavation, Tunneling, Ore Milling, Oil Production, Concrete, Recycling, Retail, Health Care, Agriculture, Financial, Accounting

Spoken Languages:

Native speaker of American English, moderately fluent in Spanish, slight capability in German

Work Experience:

Systems Analyst/Programmer

KIC Industries 2002 - present
Analysis and programming for a Federally regulated, PC-based, mission critical electronic funds transfer system; using PC to mainframe SDLC communications with hardware encryption, written in C and 80x86 assembly language.

* Established single code repository, gathering source code from several teams
* Validated existing source code
* Wrote test hardware drivers to demonstrate integration of SDLC and encryption boards
* Supervised programming team, starting in 2003
* Currently training new programmers

Firmware Analyst/Programmer
Seprmatic Electronics,2001
Firmware analysis, system requirements analysis, firmware coding, and testing (both in Flash Memory and in an In-Circuit Emulator) for a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader/controller, using Toshiba TMP95FY64 Microcontroller (TLCS-900 family), processing input from attached digital signal processor.

* Compiled system requirements for migration of product from proprietary communications protocol to open protocol, including applications programming interface
* Compiled system requirements for joint venture to apply product to new use
* Implemented micro controller firmware to support new protocols, coordinated with hardware development team and Windows development team
* Performed antenna detection range tests to validate specifications

Embedded Systems Analyst
Hill-Rom Netlinx, 2000-2001
Analysis of an FDA regulated medical data collection device to validate specifications and recommend enhancements, with special emphasis on reliability and self-diagnostics.

* Documented 80486 PC-104 hardware platform and proprietary RS-232 interfaces
* Worked with hardware engineer, developed test cases to validate both the current hardware design and proposed hardware design changes, also for field diagnostics
* Wrote fall-back software in 8086 assembler to recover from hardware watchdog design failure, pending certification and implementation of hardware design change
* Identified unnecessary disk I/O introduced by compiler and operating system design; co-developed alternate I/O routines to minimize head movement and increase MTBF

Product Manager
EDS - Financial Services, 1999
Managed the EDS Cubic's credit union product, a specialized on-site accounting system for deposits, withdrawals, and loans; with associated interest and dividend calculations; credit card, ATM, and ACH transactions, and Credit Bureau reporting.

* Made budget projections, was responsible for cost, revenue, profit targets
* Established procedural measures and financial controls to manage inventory
* Resolved customer issues to collect overdue accounts, improve relationships
* Worked with vendors to ensure reliable supply of third-party products and services

Software Development Leader
EDS - Financial Services, 1995-98
Led the programming team for the EDS Cubic's credit union product.

* Established change control procedures, managed software releases to customer sites
* Resolved linker issues and set interface standards to enable creation of mixed-language programs in Visual Basic, C, and assembler
* Designed and implemented date algorithm based on number of days since 01/01/1601
* Performed Y2K analysis and led team in remediation of 100,000 lines of mixed code in Visual Basic, C, and Assembler, completed project on schedule

Adv. Programmer, LAN Admin
EDS - Energy, 1994-95
Maintenance and customization programming on Excalibur oil and gas accounting system for an EDS client in the oil exploration industry, with secondary responsibilities as LAN and UNIX administrator.

* Mixed LAN, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX; DOS/Windows, Unix, VAX, Sun, Novell
* Loaded IBM mainframe data through VAX tape drives and across LAN to Unix host
* Performed software enhancements in UniBasic programming language accessing UniData relational database on HP-9000 Unix host
* Resolved custom programming with new releases from third-party software vendor

Adv. Programmer, Team Leader
EDS - Travel & Transportation, 1992-94
Maintenance and development programming on a job cost and billing system for an aircraft maintenance client.

* Programming and database management of DataFlex relational database
* Contributed to change control procedures
* Team leader of 5 person maintenance team
* Member of object-oriented pilot project
* Facilitated requirements meetings

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